ICP ACC - Agile Coaching in India


ICP ACC - Agile Coaching in India

 Agile Coaching in India benefits transformation at various levels for the team in any organization.

Agile coaching provides the participating professionals the understanding of the requirement for coaching skills in bringing the desired transformation to the agile teams with this Agile coaching training program. The need for this agile coaching at most departments of any organization is to establish the adoption of these factors and its implementation of the best Agility thinking.

The benefits of ICP ACC Certification

 Agile include its creation of an effective communication medium through the entire organization, significant developments, transformation backlog, highlights in the Agile process, continuous improvement of the organization, and its growth.

The certification program offered for members such as Agile Project Managers, Aspiring Agile Coaches, Project Managers, Agile Consultants, Delivery Managers and senior management with the goal for each coaching engagement to empower the people to work in an Agile fashion while embracing the Agile/Lean concepts.

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